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Reader: There's More to Remember Than Marijuana on 4/20

Reader: There's More to Remember Than Marijuana on 4/20
Jacqueline Collins
Thousands of cannabis enthusiasts gathered in Civic Center Park on April 20, 2018. The 4/20 gathering is an annual rite of spring in Denver, although this one had new organizers and a new name. Despite the crowds, the Mile High 420 Festival stayed chill. Very chill, given the freezing rain that doused everyone right at 4:20, as shown here. Says Nikki: 
 I'm literally cold just watching this. Shout out to ATL boy Lil Jon for braving it.
Notes Joy: 
The day was cold, but the spirit was heart-warming! Colorado continues to lead the way in cannabis.
Citing complaints about last year's event, Al says:
You're complaining about rain? Fuck nature/your planning!!
You're gonna complain about lines? Don't get there late!!
You're gonna complain about a countdown? Figure that shit out yourself!!
You're gonna complain about cops? Don't be a dumbass!!!!!
Adds Taylor: 
Do the entire city a favor and have this somewhere other than the heart of the city. I'm a supporter of 4/20 and all of its fun times to be had, but feeling like you are driving in Manhattan because people need to get stoned in the Golden Triangle is a joke. Move it somewhere that isn't the busiest part of the city.
And then there's this sobering response from Randy: 
It's a cool celebration, I guess, but can we get a moment for those who died at the Columbine massacre and the Colorado coal mine massacre? 
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