Ask a Stoner: Is Colorado Still Fertile Ground for Cannabis Work?

Dear Stoner: I’m about to graduate from the University of Colorado with an economics degree, and I have experience in cannabis growing. Is that enough to land a job in Colorado, or should I look elsewhere?
Hopefully Hired

Dear Hopefully Hired: Although not as fertile as it once was, Colorado still has plenty of cannabis opportunities, even in times of retraction and declining sales numbers. At this point, the plant is simply too ingrained in our economy. A quick search on LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter will show hundreds of job openings in the industry, with management and cultivation positions both commonly listed. Any hopes of starting with a lead growing position on your first day should be checked out the door, though, because experience and connections really matter in that space. Attaining an administrative role is more likely with your economics degree, but who am I to stop you from chasing what you want?
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Jacqueline Collins
Without cutting into any enthusiasm for Colorado, you need to understand that it’s not 2015 anymore. Nearly twenty states have legalized recreational pot, and even more have established medical marijuana industries. Look everywhere, my child. Don’t stay glued to one state after college. All that does is limit your options.

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