Reader: After Jeff Sesh-ons? Jared Kush-ner!

Reader: After Jeff Sesh-ons? Jared Kush-ner!
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has now been commemorated with a strain: Jeff Sesh-ons, a sativa-leaning hybrid of Jet Fuel and Bio Diesel created by Denver dispensary Medicine Man. "We have a little fun with some strains occasionally," explains Bradley Roddy, director of retail operations for Medicine Man. The shop definitely had fun with this one, and readers are just piling it on. Says Lisa: 

The strain that's old, overpriced, harsh and tasteless.

Adds Sarah: 

The effects should induce dullness and the ability to be completely useless. Obviously an indica strain.

Suggests Brandon: 

If it's named after this little uneducated, reefer-madness ass goblin.... it must be that strain of cannabis that you have to shoot into your arm, while in an alley and eating dead babies.

Comments Victor:

 So "Jeff Sessions" can be bought at dispensary? Justice!

And Adam concludes with this zinger:

 Jared Kush-ner is next.

Keep reading for more coverage of Jeff Sessions...and Jeff Sesh-ons.

Reader: After Jeff Sesh-ons? Jared Kush-ner!
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Reader: After Jeff Sesh-ons? Jared Kush-ner!
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Reader: After Jeff Sesh-ons? Jared Kush-ner!

"Medicine Man Dispensary Names Strain After Jeff Sessions"

Jeff Sesh-ons is an approximately 80/20 sativa-indica hybrid, according to Bradley Roddy, one that gives users a strong head high with an energetic buzz. The strain's Bio Diesel influence takes some of the funky Diesel notes away from the potent Jet Fuel for a more mellow flavor, he adds.

But hurry if you want to try it. Medicine Man's Denver location is the only dispensary carrying Jeff Sesh-ons, and once it's out of stock, it's gone for good. "We used to ask: What would last longer, the Jeff Sesh-ons on the shelf or the one in the White House?" Roddy jokes. "It looks like whoever bet on the Jeff in the White House is going to win this one, unfortunately."

What do you think of Medicine Man's move? Of Jeff Sessions in general? Post a comment or email marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.