The Colorado State Capitol was the backdrop to the 420 Rally.
The Colorado State Capitol was the backdrop to the 420 Rally.
Brandon Marshall

Reader: Jeff Sessions Needs to Stay Out of Colorado

The week after the 420 Rally was held below the State Capitol — and the office of the Colorado governor — John Hickenlooper met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, urging him to keep the feds out of the state's business and pointing out how none of the ominous predictions made in the wake of the passage of Amendment 64 have panned out. And as readers note, at this point, the cannabis industry is an accepted part of Colorado's economy. Says Andrea: 

Dear Mr. Sessions, think what you will, say what you will. But consider very carefully before you try to impinge upon Colorado state law and freedoms. This is a fight you can't win.

Adds Chris:

Hickenlooper is certainly no champion of the legalization movement...but he kinda should be considered one. He's never been a personal fan of marijuana, and yet he's consistently deferred to and defended the will of the majority of those he serves and the data supported facts of legalization. This is the model of how public servants should handle tricky issues.

As for convincing Sessions to follow suit...good luck. Let me know when someone develops the cures for cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance. There's strong evidence that at least roughly half of the US is afflicted by these severely debilitating conditions.

What did you think of Hickenlooper's meeting with the AG? What would you like to tell Jeff Sessions?

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