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Reader: LAX Okays Weed, Now Denver Needs to Grow Up!

Los Angeles Airport is now allowing travelers to carry marijuana. According to the LAX website, the "Los Angeles Airport Police Department will allow passengers to travel through LAX with up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana," the amounts allowed under Proposition 64, the California initiative that legalized recreational cannabis in that state starting in 2018.

Meanwhile, even though Colorado legalized recreational cannabis four years earlier, Denver International Airport still prohibits possession of cannabis, as explained on

Discussion of both policies quickly took off. Says John:
 See? Progress is slow but steady.
Responds Bryon: 
Think of medical patients who need to travel. Not the haha, I got my red-card patients...the REAL patients. Not being able to travel with the appropriate medication under the assumption that you can get what you need at another med state is BS. Other states will most likely not have what you need. As a caregiver who went on a vacation to California, I can tell you that we were unable to find any medicine that would work for our severely disabled patient, and of course I would not risk taking it through the airport myself.
Notes Parker: 
TSA has been told for years not to mess with personal amounts of medicine. Flying with ounces is just stupid.
Adds Joel: 
In 2016 DIA wrote exactly 0 tickets for weed. They don't care.
But Justin wonders: 
They state "be aware of the laws regarding marijuana in the states you're traveling to," but what happens if your plane has to make an emergency landing elsewhere? Probably still not smart to travel with it until we end federal prohibition.
And Brent concludes: 
Denver needs to grow the fuck up.
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