Ask a Stoner: I See a New Grower Every Time I Visit the Dispensary

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Dear Stoner: Why does it seem like I notice a new grower every time I visit the weed store?

Dear Gabe: Last time we checked with the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, there were almost 710 growing licenses active in Colorado, and that's only the recreational side. Although not all of these businesses are operational and bigger players have multiple licenses, the number of medical and recreational growers in Colorado is well into the hundreds. With so many businesses, many of which are young and new to branding, you're bound to notice unfamiliar names and faces while shopping at dispensaries. Still, I've noticed hot new cultivation names on menus recently as well, like Hi-Fuel and Meraki.
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With over 700 growing licenses for the recreational market alone, Colorado has a lot of cannabis cultivators you've never heard of.
Jacqueline Collins
It's hard to know every new grower's story, but I will say that growing licenses, equipment and facilities are for sale at very cheap prices as businesses close during Colorado's cannabis recession. The down market has enabled smaller, more nimble (and talented) growers to open shop and make names for themselves, while corporate weed quality races to the bottom. Just another example of why this plant is so hard to kill.

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