Reader: Weed Brings Diverse People Together...Except for This Guy

Reader: Weed Brings Diverse People Together...Except for This Guy

Recent studies show that support for legalization, and appreciation of marijuana in general, crosses party lines. Democrats and Republicans agree on the subject.There's no gender gap, nor is there class warfare. In fact, marijuana brings different people together. Says Sean: 
That's what happened back when I was growing up, going to school in the early '80s. We had jocks, preppies, metal heads, cowboys, and Hispanics in my school and they really didn't mingle much. That is, until we all started smoking weed. Then everybody got along just fine.
But don't count James in that group. He writes:   
I would just like to thank all the Colorado natives who voted to legalize pot. Thank you, thank you, thank you for fucking up our state, our traffic and our rental and housing prices. All so you can get your stupid little hedonistic, narcissistic buzz on.

You selfish pricks. Thank you once again.
What do you think legalization of marijuana has done to Colorado?
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