Ask a Stoner: Why Is Finding Flower So Hard Now?

Ask a Stoner: Why Is Finding Flower So Hard Now?

Dear Stoner: Why are dispensaries carrying less flower now? I don't like edibles and don't want to invest in all this dabbing equipment, but it's so damn hard to find regular buds. What's an old-school stoner to do?
Ol’ Toker

Dear Toker: While there is some truth to your observation that less shelf space is devoted to flower as of late, it's still an extreme exaggeration to suggest that regular buds are hard to find. Outside of an irregular supply mishap, I've never been to a dispensary that didn't have flower as the star of its retail area. Flower is still easily the most sought-after cannabis product for both medical and recreational consumers, and it'll be a while before that changes to the point of buds being swept aside.

Flower still dominates the prime shelf space in dispensaries.EXPAND
Flower still dominates the prime shelf space in dispensaries.
Scott Lentz

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You're not totally Chicken Little here, though. Consumer habits have steadily shifted to concentrates, infused products and more precise dosing methods of cannabis, and that includes the hemp-CBD market, which is also taking away from traditional flower sales. Declining wholesale cannabis sales have chipped away at flower's shelf space, too, as concentrates, edibles and infused products currently have higher product margins.

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