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Reader: Big Dispensary Chains Are the Walmarts of Weed

Reader: Big Dispensary Chains Are the Walmarts of Weed
Scott Lentz
Native Roots, which operates twenty stores in the state as well as numerous marijuana cultivations and infused-product facilities, is one of Colorado's largest dispensary chains. And it's involved in a big legal battle that could be worth over $100 million.

Josh Ginsberg and Rhett Jordan, who founded Native Roots in 2009, have been engaged in financial and legal clashes with partner Peter Knobel, according to Denver District Court documents; Knobel is currently fighting an arbitration decision that would award $100.5 million to Ginsberg and Jordan.

While a judge considers their arguments, the court of public opinion has been very busy on the Westword Facebook post with news of the Native Roots clash. Says Derek:
It's so sad....some Colorado courts deciding cases with hundreds of millions of dollars for marijuana companies, while other Colorado courts deciding how long to throw someone in prison for growing some of the same plants.
Replies Adrienne:
Release every single person in prison for weed, now.
Recalls Nick:
When I first moved to Colorado I got off the bus in Denver and went to Native Roots. Coming from East Coast weed and no dispensary, and the mother's milk pre-roll. It was gold dank-ass smell and got me high AF. It took me four times to finish it fully.
Advises Josiah: 
The biggest dispensaries are the worst ones. They just have the most money and turn into tourist traps.
Repliess Kevin: 
Fully agree. They’re like the Walmart of weed.
Concludes Brendan:
I'll stick to my beer and whiskey.
What do you think of Native Roots? Do you go to chains, or mom-and-pop stores? What's your favorite dispensary in metro Denver?
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