Ask a Stoner: What Edibles Are Good for Insomnia?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What Edibles Are Good for Insomnia?

Dear Stoner: Can you recommend an edible product for insomnia and tell me where to purchase it? How much of it should I eat? Should it be CBD, THC or both?

Dear Abraham: It’s harder to predict desired effects with edibles, because most of them aren’t specific to strain or class; a lot of the hash, butter and cooking oils used to make edibles are extracted from massive mixtures of trim and larfy buds from different strains. Even if the edibles were strain-specific, terpenes, which have been shown to have more influence on how cannabinoids affect your body, are largely lost during certain extraction processes that require high temperatures.

There are edibles companies that reintroduce terpenes during the cooking process to mimic indica and sativa effects, however, so if you really want an indica for peace of mind, that’s available. However, if you have a low tolerance, I think the standard blend in most edibles products will easily do the trick. Start with CBD edibles to see if they’re strong enough, and move to 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratios if you need more of a punch. If you can only find THC edibles, start very low, at ten milligrams or less, and progress slowly.

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