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Reader: There's Always a Good Use for Any Weed

Jacqueline Collins
This week, Herbert Fuego handled a sticky etiquette question from someone who worried that a "new friend was excited to give me homegrown weed after months of sending me pictures....but what I received was a shriveled piece of grass with little THC. How do I tell him this? Should I?"

A little constructive criticism could go a long way, our Stoner advised. "You're acting as if you have to tell a best friend that his wife is having an affair," he noted. "Growing weed is a hobby for most of us, and we're realistic enough to know that the first go-around won't win any cannabis cups."

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of this Stoner question, readers offer plenty of suggestions and stories of their own. Says Michael:
You smoke it with him, then you ask him if he's ready to get high and bust out your stash.
Recalls Jack:
 I had a guy tell me that my gift wasn’t too good. Thought about that, being in Colorado, there is some great genetics out there. I’m sure the clones I get aren’t Class A product, but growing my own is extremely rewarding and he’s not my friend, anymore. Ha!
Adds Maxx:
 Shit is free; if it's not your typical quality, put it aside and add stems and other undesirable weed and then make butter out of it....Whatever the reason is, there's still a good use for it in edibles or hash. Waste not, want not.
Responds Cooper:
 2022 Colorado problems. I remember as a teen when my weed in Indiana used to come with seeds and stems and was more brown than green.
And Rob concludes: 
Rude! Just don’t
Puff puff pass
Have you been given disappointing weed? Have you been told your own homegrown is disappointing? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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