Marijuana Massages: Fourteen Denver Area Spas With CBD Treatments

You can have CBD-infused coffee, food and even massage oils.
You can have CBD-infused coffee, food and even massage oils. Jacqueline Collins
From their start as a side gig for medical marijuana dispensaries that needed to fill space, cannabis-infused massages are still somewhat rare in town. But that's changing as the infusion of lotions and oils with cannabinoids shows potential for treating body pains and skin disorders. The rising popularity of CBD has made pot pampering even more prevalent.

Over a dozen massage therapists and spas in the Denver area offer a CBD massage package, with customers looking for help with everything from nerve pain to aches after a rough day on the ski slopes. Some will even make home and hospital visits if mobility is a challenge. Another pro tip: If you prefer THC-infused lotion, call ahead and ask if you can bring your own; massage therapists can't provide you with THC products, but they might apply them.

Here are thirteen businesses around Denver that provide CBD-infused massages:

Back in a Flash
1940 Pennsylvania Street

Primal Therapeutics

Peace of Mind Massage
1249 South Pearl Street

Elixir Mind Body Massage
1518 Wazee Street, Suite A

Behr Bodywork
1820 East Colfax Avenue

LoDo Massage Studio
3101 Walnut Street, 720-360-0035
3450 West 32nd Avenue, 720-999-3336

Color Up Therapeutics
1487 South Broadway
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