Three Marijuana Stories You May Have Missed in the Haze of 4/20

Three Marijuana Stories You May Have Missed in the Haze of 4/20
Scott Lentz
April has been a big month for marijuana news. Here are three things you might have missed during the 4/20 holiday:

West Virginia becomes 29th state with medical marijuana
On April 19, West Virginia became the 29th state to legalize medical marijuana — and the sixth to do so in the past year. Governor Jim Justice signed into law a bill that recognizes cannabis as treatment for patients with terminal illnesses as well as fourteen other specified conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and PTSD.

Snoop Dogg invited to Congressional Cannabis Caucus
During a Reddit Q&A, Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon invited Snoop Dogg to a meeting of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, saying this: "You have already done more than you know for this effort. Having celebrities continue to speak out and to help people understand that marijuana has gone mainstream has gone a long way. I would also invite you to join me in Washington, D.C., for a Congressional Cannabis Caucus meeting when you're in the area."

New study on marijuana looks at the American family
A new Marist Poll study that surveyed the effect of marijuana on the family found that more than half of all adults in America have tried marijuana at least once in their lives, and almost 55 million people currently use the substance for medical or recreational purposes. The survey also looked at how family members engage with each other regarding the drug, including how parents talk to their kids, and whether kids tell their parents if and when they start using.
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