Ten Marijuana Strains to Roast Before a Barbecue

These cannabis strains will keep your summer cookouts at the right temperature.EXPAND
These cannabis strains will keep your summer cookouts at the right temperature.
Jacqueline Collins
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Whether you're sweating over the grill, flipping burgers and that weird frozen patty the vegan brought, or just hanging out in a friend's backyard, a few puffs of the right cannabis strain can make all the difference during a barbecue.

A well-timed session multiplies the high you already reached after owning the grill like the pit-fucking-master you are, and it reawakens the stomachs of your guests, who got tired of waiting for the food to be done 45 minutes ago. But smoke something too heavy or energizing, and everyone might find themselves too fried to have fun.

To keep your Memorial Day cookouts at the right temperature and free of leftovers, try one of these ten popular weed strains:

Trix's flavors almost smell baked into the weed, as dumb as that sounds, but with biscuity aromas backing up those berry scents, you'll understand what I mean as your pupils turn into every fruit on the slot machine. The strain's morning implications are confirmed by an upbeat high that enables conversation and enough focus to get by, though a 20 percent THC potency can create a thin line between semi-high task-finisher and stoned dilly-dallier. A cup of coffee is usually enough to snap me out of it, but I've seen Trix turn novices into dried-out mutes, so don't fill up on cereal before the main course hits. Share a joint over a beer or two, and your stomach will be lubed up and ready to go without sacrificing social skills.

Peanut Butter Breath
Don't expect to man more than a few burgers or dogs on Peanut Butter Breath, but the strain's affable, stress-killing high leaves you with enough energy and wit to take on a surprise mission to the corner store if needed. Sharing a joint creates enough mental room to hang with a few friends or have a one-on-one conversation, as long as food is involved. Peanut Butter Breath made me a bottomless pit, and I'm not the only one. Treat the strain like an aperitif, and don't light up until the meal is prepared and cooling down.

Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter
Herbert Fuego

Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter's high can be euphoric and giggly without making my mind waver too much, which is tempting for daytime use. However, the strain's heavy THC content and slowly relaxing effects come on much stronger for newer users, and perpetual munchies means that my stomach stays higher a lot longer than my mind does with this one. Stoners can handle the sedation without petering out, but a full belly after an Apple Fritter session will still easily knock you out, and almost certainly makes occasional smokers drop before dessert is served.

Tropicana Cookies
Hey, some of us want to smoke after the meal instead. Tropicana Cookies provides enough physical energy to clear the table and a manageable head high that replaces focus with stoned enthusiasm. A joint to myself at night provided a little too much of that, though, and I quickly learned to limit my Tropicana Cookies intake to late afternoon, with one-hitters after big dinners to counteract lethargy. The hybrid effects are built for sharing in the sunshine among friends, and perfect for a day on the lake.

Purple Sunset
An insatiable appetite regularly accompanies the heavy high I get from Purple Sunset, keeping me locked inside — and stuck at the kitchen table if I'm not careful. This is a before-bed and post-workout strain at all times for me, and only used before 7 p.m. if I'm thirsting for a toke and have no other options. That said, users who appreciate the creative side of Purple Sunset would enjoy it in the early evening. Whether you're killing three plates alone in your room or jamming out to oldies in the backyard, your cookout consumption will be a success.

Herbert Fuego

Oreoz's potency almost guarantees a trip to the moon on your first try, but treating the strain more like hash makes the journey more manageable — and productive for grill masters. Short afternoon sessions continually bring productive highs, but I've never successfully avoided the munchies after a bout with Oreoz. Keep it under one bowl every 45 minutes, and don't power-rip until the food is off the grill. If you really want to be a baked potato, wait to smoke until right before you sit down to eat.

Even when used in moderation, GMO can be disorienting for low tolerances. But sometimes that's helpful when alcohol turns everyone into a political pundit, or last year's fantasy football season gets brought up. Know your limits with GMO, and it'll fry physical and mental tension like a frickin' laser beam, leaving your gullet all the merrier. Let your pot belly hang and toss the step-counter on the nightstand for the next 24 hours, because you're adding a couple of notches tonight.

Gary Payton
True to its inspiration, Gary Payton quickly wraps you up like a glove, showing off its potency without putting your head over the edge. The high is powerful but laid-back, providing more giggles and stress relief than paranoia. I couldn't accomplish much more than reading or shuffling around the house, but I never felt stupidly stoned to the point of guilt. That's a good disposition to be in when you're on a fourth helping of mac n' cheese.

Lemon OG Haze
Lemon OG Haze
Herbert Fuego

Considered a 50/50 high, Runtz's effects generally start in my head and eyes, sparking an instant cerebral high that kills my peripheral vision and stress. Despite the tunnel vision, concentration and energy aren't hard to come by for the first hour or two, and that plays nicely with the lack of stress. Physical relaxation and munchies are inevitable, though, so be prepared to crash after crushing a plate or two. Tell the guy who showed up without anything that he's on cleanup duty, and have yourself a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Lemon OG Haze
Physically calming but mentally stimulating, Lemon OG Haze can be therapeutic and productive or debilitating, depending on how much you smoke. A couple of hits ease light pain and festering aches while keeping my mind interested and focused, but any more than two bowls brings the relaxation and munchies earlier, and concentration zones in and out. Toke slowly to find that middle ground, and you'll be able to last all afternoon — at least until the pulled pork shows up.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.