Colorado's Top Marijuana Vape Cartridges Without Additives

Despite the mounting illnesses, vaping is still a popular way to consume cannabis oil.
Despite the mounting illnesses, vaping is still a popular way to consume cannabis oil. Jacqueline Collins

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Courtesy of Green Dot Labs
Green Dot Labs
There are more than a few quality extraction companies in Colorado, but not many actually grow and breed their own plants. Boulder-based Green Dot Labs just does that, pushing out terpy, additive-free vape cartridges of rare and proprietary cuts — all of which are single-sourced strains, so you know what to expect.

Natural Remedies
Founded by the crew behind former downtown dispensary Natural Remedies, (Formerly known as Concentrate Remedies) Natty Rems specializes in live resin cartridges. The cartridges are free of additives, according to the company.

Seed & Smith Dart
Produced by the same brand that owns Denver dispensary Seed & Smith, this vape uses specific pods of THC distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes, and just took first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado for best vape pen and cartridge.

Colorado Cannabis Company

Colorado Cannabis Co. isn't known for flavorful live resins or rosins, but it does provide additive-free options for tokers on a budget. This extractor uses CO2 oil to pull out cannabinoids, which doesn't include a lot of terpenes in the end product — but CO2 is considered a much safer solvent than butane and other natural gases, and it doesn't require additives for a good vape.

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