Ask a Stoner: How Are $40 Ounces of Weed Possible?

Ask a Stoner: How Are $40 Ounces of Weed Possible?
Dear Stoner: I saw $40 ounces of flower for sale yesterday at a dispensary in south Denver. How is that possible?

Dear Lotus: Every crop is in season at some point, and fall happens to be the season for outdoor marijuana. Unlike indoor grows, which are harvested five to seven times a year, outdoor cultivations in Colorado are only harvested once every year, in the fall after being planted in the summer. Although the quality isn’t as good as that of their indoor counterparts, outdoor plants provide huge yields and end up becoming the starting material for a large portion of extracted products like vape cartridges and edibles. They also produce incredibly cheap flower for dispensaries willing to sell it.
click to enlarge Outdoor marijuana is considerably cheaper than pot grown indoors. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Outdoor marijuana is considerably cheaper than pot grown indoors.
Jacqueline Collins
Ounces for sale at $40 an ounce probably won’t win any cannabis cups or blow terpene tests off the charts, but that’s not what weed priced at $1.43 per gram is expected to do. As long as it’s safe to consume — which isn’t guaranteed, given that price — bask in the win of a good deal. Most pot shops don’t have those outdoor connections, and those that do can only depend on it for a couple of months. If those nugs are good enough to be toked, then by all means, but such a cheap ounce sounds destined for homemade edibles. Maybe it’s time for some cannabutter?

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