Medical Marijuana Delivery Coming to Longmont

Medical Marijuana Delivery Coming to Longmont
Jacqueline Collins
Longmont will soon allow medical marijuana delivery by approved dispensaries, and they don't even have to be located there.

Approved unanimously by the Longmont City Council on October 13, the new ordinance allows medical dispensaries to start delivering within the town starting on October 26. But it may take longer before patients will actually see medication being dropped off at their doors.

While marijuana stores don't need to be located within Longmont city limits to qualify for this new program, they must be licensed for delivery by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division as well as by the City of Longmont. Currently, there is only one licensed medical dispensary, Twin Peaks, in Longmont; several more are located nearby in unincorporated Boulder County. None of these dispensaries have their MED permits yet.

Twin Peaks co-owner Rita Tsalyuk says she'll apply for state and local delivery licenses "very soon, within a week or so." Meanwhile, Native Roots, a large dispensary chain with a location right outside of Longmont, also plans to deliver medical marijuana there, according to Native Roots public affairs director Shannon Fender. But dispensaries located outside of a municipality that's been approved for deliveries have one more hoop to jump through: They must receive approval from their respective jurisdictions to begin deliveries. As a result, Native Roots will need to get an okay from the Boulder County Commissioners, who regulate marijuana businesses within unincorporated Boulder County.

"We also have to have Boulder County opt in, so the Boulder County Commissioners would need to adopt an ordinance," Fender explains.

The first three towns to allow medical delivery in Colorado — Boulder, Superior and now Longmont — are all located in Boulder County, where more than 4,500 registered medical marijuana patients reside, according to the state Department of Public Health and Environment. Five dispensaries within the City of Boulder are currently approved for delivery by the MED, including one owned by Native Roots. While Superior, a town just outside of Boulder, doesn't have any pot shops, it allows medical dispensaries to make deliveries there.

Delivery of recreational marijuana won't be legal in Colorado until 2021. Denver and Aurora are both considering approving medical marijuana delivery, but have indicated that it won't be allowed until recreational deliveries are also an option.
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