Ask a Stoner: How Confidential is the State's MMJ Registry?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: How Confidential is the State's MMJ Registry?

Dear Stoner: My wife would easily qualify for a medical card, but she's a teacher and nervous about being on a list that could be released to the public and ruin her career. Is this a legitimate concern?

Dear Howard: The State of Colorado does keep a list of its medical marijuana patients and caregivers. The list is part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Medical Marijuana Registry and is “never sold to third parties,” according to the CPDHE, which also says the registry is confidential and that “information is only available to patients, physicians and caregivers” and not shared with any other state agency. Law enforcement can only access the registry to confirm a patient's status if he or she is arrested, the CPDHE adds.
So your wife can rest easy: Outside of a system hack, her patient status should remain private. But it's worth noting that because marijuana is federally illegal, these state procedures are not HIPAA-compliant.

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