Mold, Untested Marijuana Prompts Recall of Over 200 Harvests From Chronic Therapy

Scott Lentz
Colorado regulators are recalling over 200 different harvest batches of marijuana from Chronic Therapy, a dispensary and growing operation with stores in Cortez and Wheat Ridge.

In a health advisory issued November 23, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division warns consumers of a September harvest batch of marijuana from Chronic Therapy that was sold to the public despite failing mold and yeast testing. That batch was a strain called Silver Mountain, and was sold at Chronic Therapy's Wheat Ridge location between September 23 and October 11, according to the MED.

Well over 200 other batches of marijuana produced by Chronic Therapy dating back to October of last year were never tested before being sold to the public, the MED recall adds. These harvests included the following strains: Afghan Peach, Artificial Red, Black Garlic, Blue Dream, Bruce Banner Daywrecker OG, Extreme Cream, Falcon Berry, Fritter Glitter, Garry Poppins, Golden Goat, Gorilla Glue, Grease Monkey, Gummies, Harlesin, Hype Train, Jack Frost, Lemon Chem, Lemon OG, Maroon Baboon, Miami Heat, Military Chocolate, Nitro Cookies, Poontang Pie, Purple Fire, Rawtton, Silver Mountain, Spritzer, Tallie Man, Tangie Power, Tarts, Treasure Alien and White Alien Fire.

"Consumers who have this affected marijuana in their possession should destroy it or return it to the Retail Marijuana Store from which it was purchased for proper disposal. Consumers who experience adverse health effects from consuming the marijuana flower should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting a MED reporting form," the recall reads.

All marijuana produced by Chronic Therapy's growing operation will have the following business license number on its packaging labels: 403R-00287.

Chronic Therapy has a store at 10030 West 27th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, and a store at 1020 South Broadway in Cortez. The dispensaries did not respond to requests for comment.
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