Ask a Stoner: How Do I Give Mom a Marijuana Gift If Dad Hates It?

Dear Stoner: My mom smokes pot but my dad hates it, and they live in Texas. How can I give my mom some edibles and vape cartridges (her favorite) for Christmas without making my dad mad?
Agent Bingo

Dear Bingo: This could turn into an expensive mission, but my advice would be to buy a family-friendly gift for under the tree and a cannabis gift to give to your mom later in the day. I know edibles and vaporizer cartridges aren’t cheap, so adding “regular” gifts on top of that might be too much, but if giving out pot-infused treats on Christmas will set off your dad, it’s best to play along and appease both crowds – unless pissing off the old man is something you look forward to on the holidays.

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Buy your mom something cheap but traditional, like a book, bath soak or accessories, and give it to her on Christmas morning. Then, after all the gifts have been unwrapped, save the best for last and pull aside Mom before dinner to give her the real present. You can even test them out with her before the holiday feast.

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