Our Ten Most-Read Marijuana Stories in 2017

Cannabis and Colorado's relationship hasn't lost its spark.
Cannabis and Colorado's relationship hasn't lost its spark. Scott Lentz

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Buddies Wellness had plants riddled with mites and mold in July 2017, according to the Denver Department of Environmental Health.
Denver Department of Environmental Health
5. "Six Places to Buy Marijuana Late at Night in the Denver Metro Area"

Before May 1, 2017, Denver dispensaries were only allowed to be open until 7 p.m. In spring, 10 p.m. became the new deadline. Read more here.

6. "Op Ed: Keep Your Hands Off Marijuana, Jeff Sessions"

A Colorado mother tells her story of how cannabis helped her daughter in a letter directed to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Read more here.

7. "The Six Largest Dispensary Chains in Colorado"

There are about 500 retail dispensary licenses in the state, with more than a third of those having addresses in Denver. Read more here.

8. "Jeff Sessions Finally Replies to John Hickenlooper's Marijuana Letter"

On April 3, 2017, the governors of four states with recreational cannabis businesses up and running at the time sent a letter to Jeff Sessions. In August, he replied. Read more here.

9. "Denver Issues First Recall for Mite-Infested, Moldy Marijuana"

Buddies Wellness LLC had two recalls within a week in July. Read more here.

10. "Two of Colorado's Largest Dispensary Chains Continue to Grow"

Native Roots and the Green Solution continued to grow by opening new stores before the holiday season. Read more here.
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