Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find New Weed Products and Gadgets?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find New Weed Products and Gadgets?

Dear Stoner: I’m visiting Colorado in July, but I’m a little bored with what’s at the usual shops. What are the more interesting cannabis products these days, and where can I find them?

Dear Michelle: New gadgets and products poured into the market after legalization, and while that flood slowed after a few years, there’s no shortage of new and interesting cannabis products. If self-dosing hash-oil vaporizers and offbeat edibles like infused beef jerky or coffee pods don’t impress, you can always try newer, stronger forms of concentrates such as THCA crystalline, or deluxe cannagars rolled with hash oil, rosin and cannabis leaves. You can find all of those at various dispensaries around Colorado, but call ahead, because some shops only carry the basics.

Behold: the cannagar.
Behold: the cannagar.
Jake Holschuh

While there are only so many ways to toke or consume cannabis before it starts getting weird, you can always count on ancillary industries that specialize in glassware, vaporizers, packaging and storage, nutrients, dabbing and other pot-related stuff (don’t forget the hemp industry!) to keep innovating so that you keep spending money.

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Still, wouldn’t it be nice of some of that research and development was applied to the medical sector?

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