Ask a Stoner: Is Pet CBD Safe?


Dear Stoner:
Can I trust CBD pet products yet? I’m fine if I get too much CBD, but I don’t want my dog getting that.
Rango’s Dad

Dear Rango’s Dad: You can’t trust them blindly, that’s for sure. Unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration and largely unchecked on their dosage claims, CBD products have shown a tendency to not carry what they imply. Market studies highlighting as much pop up frequently, and while the industry is slowly improving, it still hasn’t earned universal trust. (Always scan the QR code to see how legitimate the testing results are.) These are just the CBD products intended for humans that I’m talking about; CBD pet products, though largely the same stuff with certain flavoring added, came to the public later, and studies of their quality and efficacy are even further behind.

A recent market study by Leafreport sent 56 CBD pet products to an independent testing lab, and found that 56 percent didn’t contain the amount of CBD claimed by their respective labels, with dosages off anywhere from 10.2 to 98.5 percent. And despite claiming to be full-spectrum products with minute amounts of THC, nearly 40 percent of the products contained no THC whatsoever.

So check out our favorite CBD pet products at, talk to a vet, and spend the extra time to read reviews.

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Rudy is a CBD connoisseur.
Cleo Mirza
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