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Ask a Stoner: What Are Some Good Podcasts About Cannabis?

Pot podcasts have evolved with the rest of the industry.
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Dear Stoner: Just moved out to the ’burbs, and my drive to work is shit now. What are some good podcasts to listen to about weed?
Easy Driver

Dear Easy: As with other forms of marijuana media, it can be hard to find a pot-friendly podcast that isn’t full of coughing or bong giveaways. Nothing wrong with those shows, by any means, but they’re probably not what you want to listen to while inching through traffic on your way to work. Luckily for us, pot podcasts have evolved with the rest of the industry. Super High Me star and comedian Doug Benson’s podcast, Getting Doug With High, is a funny hour of pot-infused interviews with fellow comedians, while Cannabis Confidential With Dr. Dina, Great Moments in Weed History, The Hash and The Adam Dunn Show all carry a reliable, entertaining mix of marijuana culture, history, news and education.
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You don't need the mainstream media to hear about marijuana.
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Seeing the Cannabist Show podcast get axed by the Denver Post in 2017 was undoubtedly disheartening for Colorado’s marijuana scene, as the homegrown video podcast provided insight into both local and national issues while introducing us to the industry’s big players. But there’s good news: Ricardo Baca, founding editor of The Cannabist and the original podcast host, recently announced a new podcast on marijuana-culture website Civilized, titled Cannabis & Main.

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