Ask a Stoner: How Many Plants Can I Grow at Home in Pueblo?

Dear Stoner: How many plants can you grow in your home for recreational use in Pueblo?
Debbie Love

Dear Debbie: Current Colorado law allows an adult 21 or older to have up to six cannabis plants growing at home, with no more than three in the flowering stage. (Medical marijuana patients and caregivers can apply for up to 24.) And if there’s a second adult in the home, that adult can grow six plants, too, with a maximum of twelve per household.
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Even licensed cannabis growers in Pueblo West must keep their plants private and unseeable.
Jacqueline Collins
Those rules, passed by the Colorado Legislature last session, supersede earlier rules in Pueblo County. And the City of Pueblo has added restrictions on the size of the operation: Grows inside homes in Pueblo can’t exceed 100 contiguous square feet or 10 feet in height, while grows detached from the home can’t exceed 150 contiguous square feet or 12 feet in height. Try not to stuff too many plants within those space limitations, though, or you’ll create a paradise for mildew.

Editor's note: This answer has been corrected from the original. Our apologies for the earlier error.

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