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Reader: The Cure Takes Time, and No One Wants to Wait

Reader: The Cure Takes Time, and No One Wants to Wait
Jacqueline Collins
Nearly seventy batches of medical and recreational marijuana from a Denver dispensary were recalled last week by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division over potential mold and yeast contamination — although many of the batches came from plants harvested in May and June.

According to a health and safety notice issued on October 15 by the MED, seven harvest batches of medical marijuana and one recreational marijuana batch grown by the Chronic Factory failed yeast and mold testing. An additional batch of medical marijuana failed water-activity testing.

On the Westword Facebook post of the news, readers comment on the recall and Colorado growers in general. Says Summer:
Better than to not be detected at all and then sold to the public. These big corporate chains, especially, need the vetting. Not all grows and dispensaries will let this kind of stuff slide; the larger the company, the more you can bet they don't care about anything but the bottom line. That's why these microbial testing standards are good to have now. Hopefully, less mold and cheap weed falls through the cracks.
Adds Patrick:
Been talking about this since I moved here! Colorado growers are garbage!
Responds Cherie: 
You assume they are from Colorado. Just because they grow here doesn't mean they are from here.
Explains Kevin:
It's an industry, unfortunately, with more corporations than artisans. Think about it: If you are a good grower, you are going to want more money, then they hire someone else cheaper, over and over until we are where we are.
Offers Matt:
Typically, it has to do with the grow cycle and how they step their nutrients up and down. Flush minimum of six days; rid the plant of excess foliage before the roots almost lock out from the flush... The cure takes time and no one wants to wait. Takes me almost four weeks for perfect humidity and density.
Suggests Paul:
Just don't do weed. The cannabis industry will sell you anything for the profit. It's all disgusting. Thanks for posting the truth, Westword.
But then there's this from Andrea: 
You should also think about those insects and rat droppings that are in your food. So maybe don’t do food.
What do you think about the recall? The quality of Colorado cannabis? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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