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Reader: Cannabis Coverage Only Supporting Stereotypes About Denver

Chew on this: Juicy Fruit.
Chew on this: Juicy Fruit. Herbert Fuego
As Colorado grows more sophisticated, this state's strains are becoming more definitive. For over a year, Herbert Fuego has offered a weekly review of a local strain, assessing its strength and effects and letting readers know where they can get it. Last week's featured strain was Juicy Fruit, and it inspired this chewing-out from Evan:

I don't think that even your stoner readership is interested in weed to the level you give it coverage. Mix it up a bit, Westword; you're only supporting stereotypes regarding this city.

But Tmiah disagrees:
Wait, I love reading all the MJ coverage and I'm not even a stoner. I've been a supporter of legalization since the 70s and like to follow the progress of a long-fought-for victory, including reading about different strains and potential uses health-wise. I'm a bit disappointed by what I call some of the "greed aspect" to the legalization but you have to take the bad with the good, I guess.
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