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Reader: I Like to Ride the Ganjala!

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There are legendary smoke shacks scattered around the Colorado mountains where skiers and boarders will gather. But some cannabis fans don't want to wait, and this week our Stoner offered them some suggestions for how to enjoy a true Rocky Mountain high at a ski area. Readers had their own ideas. Says Thomas:

You would think a vape pen; however, below freezing the extract becomes very thick and it doesn’t work as well. Best bet is the old pit zips in your jacket: Get both hands in there and blaze in the jacket cave.
Adds Greg: 
It’s really best to take a safety meeting into the trees.
Recalls Scott: 
I smoked sooo many spliffs on those lifts over the year.
Suggests Lawrence: 
What's the big deal? Pack a bowl into a covered pipe.
Concludes Elliott: 
It’s best to ride the Ganjala.
And then there's this from Bradley: 
More riveting content, Westword.
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