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Reader: How Do You Tell If a Driver Is Impaired? Orange Fingers.

Anthony Camera
Inaccurate tests continue to be a concern in drug cases, including one involving Mike McCarron, who'd been charged with possession of meth based on bad NIK tests. And readers remain particularly concerned about the lack of a fair test for impairment. Says Leon:
Drug testing for impairment is FLAWED. No test method currently used can prove impairment, simply that you've used at any point in time over the last thirty days. Now, you're not impaired thirty days later. 
Adds Josh: 
You drive better on weed. I will trust a person smoking a joint behind the wheel more than somebody drinking a couple beers and getting behind the least you can drive when you're stoned. When you're drunk, you can't.
But then there's this from James: 
How do you tell if a driver is impaired? Easy. If you stop a car and the driver's fingers are orange from eating Cheetos.... he's a stoner.

Search his car, and if you don't find any paycheck stubs that means he doesn't have a job...therefore, he's a stoner pothead.
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Anthony Camera
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