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Reader: You Don't Need a 4/20 Rally to Smoke Weed in Denver!

Organizers of the Denver 420 Rally defended themselves during a two-day hearing this week; they're accused of violating numerous trash and security rules that led to a three-year ban of their permit after the 2017 rally. Both sides have until early October to file responses; the hearing officer promises a ruling by November 20. But for some readers, the verdict is already in. Says Miguel:

 I don't attend it for a few personal reasons...just like I don't go to Taste of Colorado because it's way overpriced, or Cinco De Mayo because it's a fake holiday so that Americans can get drunk in sombreros, or St. Patrick's Day because being around drunk people who aren't Irish the rest of the damn year gets old so fast....

I guess what I'm saying is F all your festivals! They block up traffic, they encourage binge drinking and I have a low tolerance for stupidity. Smoke at home like the old days!
Adds Stephen: 
Denver already looks foolish to the world. Let's not confirm it by continuing this screwball embarrassment to what used to be referred to as "the Queen City of the Plains."
Responds Dan: 
They should definitely ban it. Who wants to wait in line and get gated in just to smoke a joint in the park? Let the free-range tokers have their lawn back.
Adds Naomi: 
Who the fuck needs a rally to smoke weed!! People been smoking weed since, well, people. I smoke where I want, when I want, I don't need to attend a rally to smoke a joint.
But then there's this from Angelo: 
Either way, thousands will gather that day. Fences or not.
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