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Reader: Rec Pot Funds a Rec Center? Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Aurora officials broke ground for a new rec center this month.
Aurora officials broke ground for a new rec center this month. AuroraTV
Wonder where marijuana sales taxes are going? Aurora just broke ground on a $41.9 million recreation and community center that will be funded entirely by pot money. And it's the city's second rec center to be built entirely on cannabis sales.

Aurora doesn't allow medical marijuana dispensaries, but the 23 rec stores in the city were enough to bring in $14.8 million in tax revenue in 2020, for a total of $54.4 million from when sales started in 2015 through the end of the year. And 2021 is already off to a strong start, with delivery soon to join the lineup.

Says Joe: 
Rec pot taxes fund a rec center? Your tax dollars at work! Seems like a fair trade.
Wonders Randy:
Forty-two million dollars: How can that possibly be the best use of that tax money?

No answer needed. It is obviously a rhetorical question.
Responds Sean:
This is awesome, but what if we took that 42 million and applied it to tiny houses? Colorado could essentially create multiple sites. Keep lots in Colorado that can be bought by an individual. There are lots in Commerce city, Aurora and a few other places that may be hard to farm, but easy to build tiny homes.

Forty-two million dollars could buy almost every deserving homeless person a tiny home to live in.
Suggests: Matthew:
Fix the roads.
Adds Joe:
Pay the teachers.
Replies Kacey: 
It’s not how the tax is written. Can’t use it on roads or paying teachers. Raise the gas tax, since it’s not been raised since the ’90s. Colorado really needs to bring back civics and government classes so that everyone can be educated enough to quit saying weed can pay for everything.
And speaking of civics, there's this from Mary:
And the morons that run the City of Colorado Springs are still in the way of allowing the citizens to vote on selling recreational marijuana here. You don't even need to guess which political party is the obstructionist.
Colorado Springs isn't the only municipality in the state that has yet to allow recreational sales. What places would you like to see lift the ban and allow dispensaries? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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