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Reader: Delivery Is Going to Have Growing Pains in Denver

Doobba co-founder Ari Cohen (right) makes Denver's first marijuana delivery on August 19.
Doobba co-founder Ari Cohen (right) makes Denver's first marijuana delivery on August 19. Courtesy of Doobba
Denver's first legal recreational marijuana deliveries started August 20, when Strawberry Fields dispensary and the Doobba delivery service dropped off orders to six different customers as part of a soft launch. By Monday, August 23, Strawberry Fields and Doobba plan to be fully open to the public, offering delivery options to Denver customers through several online platforms.

Medical marijuana deliveries have been an option in Colorado for a year. But in the metro area, only Aurora is also currently offering rec deliveries. In their comments on the Westword Facebook post about the service, some consumers applaud the move...while others mock it. Says Frank:
Talk about "special" delivery!
Says Jason:
“I can’t get off my ass to go four blocks. You know what would help…. Somebody brings me an ounce.”
Replies Anthony: 
People do the same thing with food all the time, too. I'm guilty.
Rochelle points out: 
Not everyone has transportation, and some people are disabled.
Notes Darren: 
Caregivers have been delivering medical since 2000.
Adds Daniel:
Like weed hasn’t been delivered for decades already.
But then there's this from Emily:
Y'know, after being in the industry a year if I had to go to someone's HOUSE and have them say, "Are you sure that's a zip?," I would absolutely lose it
And Maurice warns:
I work in a dispensary and I can confidently say that this is going to have some growing pains. They explained how it works and it's insanely regulated. The biggest thing I see people doing is ordering weed in someone else's name and expecting to be able to accept the delivery. YOU CAN'T DO THAT, and the driver is supposed to refuse service — which I can see causing a lot of arguments, seeing that people argue with me when their ID is expired and use COVID as an excuse and I refuse service (takes literally ten minutes to set up a virtual ID btw). This isn't going to be like Uber Eats. It's going to be HEAVILY regulated. I know not everyone is gonna see this, but hopefully people who do will know that you have to put the order in under YOUR NAME. OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR WEED.
"Most people still don't know this is available," Doobba's Ari Cohen notes. "Like anything that's new, normally it would take a year for everyone in Denver to realize they can do this. We're going to try our darnedest to get to that point within three months."

Have you tried ordering legal marijuana — rec or medical — to be delivered? How did it go? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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