Weed Porn: It's Shatterday!

Shatter: easy on the eyes — until you take a hit.
Shatter: easy on the eyes — until you take a hit. Westword archive
How'd that famous Shel Silverstein poem go about sick little Peggy Ann McKay? "What's that? What's that you say? You say today is Shatterday?"

Goodbye, we're doing dabs all day.

Nothing makes us more excited to rip hash than seeing others rip hash. Or seeing pictures of hash. Or anything to do with hash. But what really gets us all warm and tingly inside are shatter slabs. Even if they're not your favorite form of THC, those sappy, gleaming chunks of THC are a sight to behold. Don't believe us? Check out what Colorado's hash-makers aren't whipping up! (Stoner high-five if you get that.)

click to enlarge CHRONIC CREATIONS
Chronic Creations
@chronic_creationsco (Chronic Creations)

click to enlarge 1.1.1_ONEELEVEN

Rocky Mountain Medical
@rockymountainmedical (Rocky Mountain Medical)


click to enlarge DESIGNER HIGH
Designer High
@designerhigh5280  (Designer High)

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