Ask a Stoner: Should Politics Influence My Weed Shopping?

Ask a Stoner: Should Politics Influence My Weed Shopping?
Dear Stoner: Should a dispensary's politics influence our shopping habits? I personally prefer to separate art from the artist.

Dear Brevy: Everyone has limits and principles that guide their consumerism. I have plenty of liberal friends who loudly announce their hung-over cravings for Chick-fil-A on Sundays, and conservative pals who blast Bruce Springsteen’s "Born in the USA" on July 4. If you’re that good at what you do, people are willing to bend, but we all have personal boundaries. That’s the beauty of a free market: If a business owner’s stance on political issues are too much for you to bear, I’ll respect that. If you’re all about finding the best buds regardless of politics, I’ll respect that, too, to a reasonable extent.
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Scott Lentz
Most marijuana business owners are busy trying to stay afloat and not piss off anyone powerful, so their ownership groups shy away from dangerous political statements, sticking to a social mission on which all dispensary shoppers can agree: cannabis legalization. But some will still put their necks out there about immigration and other hot-button issues every so often, and they quickly learn the headaches that can cause.

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