Ask a Stoner: Smoking Weed and Seasonal Allergies

Ask a Stoner: Smoking Weed and Seasonal Allergies
Dear Stoner: I’ve smoked weed off and on for years, but since starting again this fall, I’ve had a runny nose, watery eyes and clogged sinuses. My seasonal allergies usually aren’t this bad. Can weed cause hay fever?

Dear Dante: Chances are slim, but you could be allergic to weed itself. Cannabis pollen can spark allergic reactions after contact or smoke inhalation.

Smoking anything is a bad idea when allergies are on full blast, but oral consumption of THC and CBD can actually help open airways, while cannabis use has also been shown to decrease histamine production and inflammation, both of which cause discomfort and congestion during allergy attacks. However, smoking during hay fever season is a surefire way to worsen symptoms and tighten the airways, so switch to edibles or stop smoking for a bit, and see what happens.

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