Ask a Stoner: I Want to Move East, but Only to States With Legal WeedEXPAND

Ask a Stoner: I Want to Move East, but Only to States With Legal Weed

Dear Stoner: After thirteen years in this beautiful state, I think I want to move somewhere new, but I don't want to give up legal herb. What are some states east of Colorado with recreational programs? A decent medical setup would work, too.

Dear Rhienhold: I run into the same problem when I visit Arizona to see family and remember I can’t just drive up the street for an eighth and a vape cartridge. While the options for recreational herb are more limited out east, it’s not a complete desert. More states are embracing legalization all the time, and even more have medical programs.

Ask a Stoner: I Want to Move East, but Only to States With Legal Weed
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Maine and Vermont have both recently legalized recreational pot, but their regulatory systems are either nonexistent or in flux, so don’t expect established dispensaries and products out there. Washington, D.C., has also legalized recreational use, but it bans commercial sales, so you’d have to grow your own or get creative. Massachusetts, which already allows medical dispensaries, is gearing up to open its first retail dispensary before the end of the year, while Oklahoma is being lauded by medical marijuana advocates for recently passing a broad bill allowing MMJ, dispensaries and possession. Michigan also has a very large MMJ industry.

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