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Reader: Stoned Driving? Just Stay Out of the Left Lane!

Reader: Stoned Driving? Just Stay Out of the Left Lane!

Lyft, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the Marijuana Industry Group have revived a program to offer discount rides to cannabis consumers. “Despite the fact that marijuana impairs judgment, coordination, decision-making and reaction time, an alarming number of users — 55 percent — still believe that it is safe to drive under the influence of marijuana,” says Sam Cole, CDOT spokesman. Still, there have been few studies of cannabis-consuming drivers, and readers are quick to point out that drinkers are a far bigger hazard on the road. Says Scott:
 I think it's time we speak the truth. Stoned driving by a regular user, medical or recreational, is not dangerous like drinking and driving. I suppose somebody who isn't used to cannabis might drive like crap, but to the average stoner, they drive better with cannabis.

I know I'm far more cautious driving "high," whereas with alcohol you get drunk and stupid and don't give a crap about what you are doing. There is a big difference. I hate how the world pretends this is even a thing. Because it isn't. Unless you are some tourist visiting and trying real weed for the first time before getting behind the wheel, there is little to worry about there.

Move along. folks. New topic.
Adds Richard: 
Been smoking and driving for thirty years. If my pain is making me an angry person, you want me to have a toke. Trust me. There is a difference between being "stoned' versus fairly buzzed, but enough to help.
Comments Sam: 
Stoned driving? Fine by me. Just stay out of the damn left lane unless you’re passing.
But then there's this from Aaron: 
You don't have the right to be stoned or drunk on the same road my daughter drives on. It's that simple. I don't give a f*ck what your excuse is. Personally, I think it should be legal for any citizen to stop anyone seen drinking or smoking weed in their car, drag them out, and beat the f*ck out of them.
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Do you think it's dangerous to drive after consuming marijuana? Should law enforcement take what drivers have consumed into consideration?
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