Ask a Stoner: My Roommate Thinks He's an Edibles Chef

Dear Stoner: My roommate thinks he’s an edibles chef, and he won’t stop making gummies. Sticky goo and isopropyl alcohol are everywhere, and our house smells like weed. Is this a phase, or should I find a new roomie?

Dear Schur: Ah, the edibles chef phase. A common period for stoners, but one that most of us grow out of in a few months. Most of us. Whether because of medical reasons or consumption preferences, some people would rather eat weed than smoke it. But most weed eaters who get high off the occasional gummy don’t need to cook up their own if a dispensary is selling a pack of ten down the street. If he’s making that many gummies, ol’ buddy is either selling them or has the tolerance of Jabba the Hutt.

Gummies are actually cheaper and easier to make than you might think, but they require more commitment and cleanup than weed butter or oil, and God forbid he’s sloppy with the isopropyl alcohol around wood furniture. If your roommate has committed to buying gummy molds and bulk amounts of gelatin, then you’ve probably lost him. Sit him down ASAP, and throw down the gauntlet: the gummies or the room.

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