Five Stoner Stocking Stuffers for Loved Ones

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Wait, so you're supposed to eat the weed and the coffee?
1906 Edibles
1906 Coffee Beans
Perfect for the chocolate and coffee lover, these CBD- and THC-infused coffee beans from 1906 edibles are Strava Craft Coffee beans covered in delicious dark chocolate. The Boulder chocolatier is known for its gourmet, low-dose chocolates, and this is its latest product for those who enjoy the benefits of both THC and CBD. The 1906 Energy Chocolate Beans come in doses ranging from one to five milligrams, so they're great for morning activities or an afternoon pick-me-up — and they fit perfectly in a stocking.

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The Whoopi & Maya line includes infused cacao, tinctures, body balm and bath soak.
Courtesy of Whoopi & Maya
Whoopi & Maya Body Rub
Just introduced in Colorado dispensaries in November, Whoopi & Maya's infused-product line grew out of a partnership between Whoopi Goldberg and award-winning edibles entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth. The line focuses on the female consumer, with cacao, tinctures, body rubs and bath soaks all designed to help soothe pain from menstrual cramps and other afflictions. Infused with agave, raspberry leaf, motherwort and jojoba oil to enhance the experience, nearly all of the products carry CBD to help with inflammation and pain relief. We're told that Whoopi's personal favorite is the body rub, and it's easy to see why: The mix of cannabinoids with analgesic, anti-spasmodic healing herbs creates a salve meant specifically for muscle cramps.

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The Daily High Club sends a gift box out every month for potheads.

Daily High Club Box
Although nothing in the Daily High Club box is infused with cannabis and the collection is technically intended for tobacco users in order to avoid any federal interference, these are fun accessories for potheads. Here's how it works: Users sign up for a subscription at $30 per month, and each month a box filled with new goodies arrives. Each contains some sort of smoking utensil, such as a small percolated bong or Tommy Chong-inspired steamroller, as well as other gadgets like sushi-style joint-rolling mats, pipe cleaners, rare joint papers and lighters made specifically for poking gunk out of pipes. You could buy one box and cancel the subscription, splitting the contents around — or buy the stoner in your family a monthly subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

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The Nuggy comes in two variations: Dab and Hybrid.
Courtesy of NugTools
The Nuggy
Another smoking accessory, the Nuggy is available online at NugTools and plops right in any stocking. This Swiss Army knife for stoners comes in two forms (Dab and Hybrid) and two colors (blue and pink). The Dab model, made for concentrates, has a pick, spoon, paddle and fork, while the Hybrid is intended for both concentrates and flower, and equipped with a pick, scraper, spoon, paddle, knife and roach clip. Both are created from heat-resistant aluminum oxide, so you don't have to worry about any toxins from a hot nail. The paddle and spoon are my personal favorites for dabbing and easily applying concentrates on top of bowls.

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Harmony Live Nectar comes in "Baller Buckets" that cost around $800 for eight grams.
Harmony Extracts Live Nectar
Definitely geared for the heavy consumer or medical patient and no one else, Harmony Extracts is one of the few commercial extractors in Denver selling a THC-A crystal and terpene sauce mixture, a flavorful concentrate that can reach upwards of 95 percent THC. Harmony calls its version Live Nectar. THC-A crystal looks like narcotics, especially before the terp sauce is mixed in, and dabbing it can seem a little too Breaking Bad for some. But for any true cannabis connoisseur, a jar of Live Nectar in the stocking would be like unwrapping a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label— and at $100 dollars per gram, it'd be like paying for one, too.
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