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Reader: How Much Money Has Been Wasted Going After Sweet Leaf?

While Sweat Leaf is in the midst of a hearing to see if its 26 pot-related licenses will be restored or rescinded for good by the City of Denver, fifteen budtenders who were arrested as a result of the December 14 raid await trial, on charges related to selling more than an ounce a day to certain customers — including undercover police officers — who looped in for multiple purchases in a day. But as Amendment 64 was originally passed, consumers were limited to one ounce "per transaction." That language was amended to indicate that the intention was possession of one ounce per day...but that change only took hold on January 1, 2018, after the raids and arrests.

Our readers continue to weigh in on the case. Says Nicholson: 
Should arrest the undercover police for breaking the law!
Responds Karen:  
I don't think these people should go to jail. However. Yes, they were helping people carry more than 1 ounce. Any other coy answer is insulting.
Adds Michael: 
How much taxpayer money has been wasted in going after Sweet Leaf? How much money will the state lose in taxes collected?
Says Mike: 
Victimless crimes are not crimes. Google "Jury Nullification."
Concludes Dan: 
Victimless crimes are easy money.
Keep reading for more of our coverage of the Sweet Leaf raids.

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