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Reader: Greedy People Are Going to Screw Up Legal Pot

Thomas Mitchell
The Denver Police Department raided a number of Sweet Leaf dispensaries on December 14, resulting in all the metro locations losing their licenses, at least temporarily, and thirteen employees being hauled off to jail. While the company awaits a hearing on the status of its licenses and the now-released employees await charges, members of the cannabis community aren't waiting to help their colleagues. A fundraiser today will ensure that Sweet Leaf employees who are now out of work will have a merrier Christmas; a second fundraiser will help cover legal costs.

But others aren't as sympathetic. Says Brian: 
They got caught for looping, which is when someone buys their limit, exits and comes right back to buy their limit again. This is illegal in the State of Colorado, and there's nothing ominous about it. Personally, I couldn't be happier to see this happen. We don't need any businesses that violate the law in a blatant cash-grab to be representative of the cannabis industry. We won't rally behind them and I hope they die a thousand deaths.
Adds Steven:
 Not trying to sound demeaning or insensitive. If you're a budtender or w/e, shouldn’t you be aware of the laws of the product you're selling? I mean, it is your job and you would think the employees would be a little more cautious considering it’s still federally illegal. It’s a shame that everyone else who got caught in the crossfire is now jobless and for those people I have sympathy.
Says Erik: 
Heard the higher-ups here were encouraging their budtenders to sell to loop shoppers as much as they want. Shady practices all the way. Hopefully they are gone for good. Keep the industry clean.
Adds Chris: 
Greedy people are going to screw the whole thing up...not just for Colorado, but for the national attitude overall.
Concludes Ryan:
Just legalize it nationally, and all of this ends overnight. You don't see anyone buying hoards of Coors Light and driving it to Illinois.
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