Our Ten Favorite Cannabis Edibles for the Summer

Phyx is betting on another summer seltzer in 2020.
Phyx is betting on another summer seltzer in 2020. Courtesy of Spherex

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Any stoned movie lover who doesn't like the salty-sweet-crunchy combo of Coda's caramel corn candy bar isn't a stoner worth snacking with.
Courtesy of Coda Signature
Escape Artists Strips
I first learned about Escape Artists after trying out the company's THC and CBD topicals, some of the few cannabis-infused lotions that are consistently effective for my minor aches and tendinitis. But the company's THC strips, dissolvable on the tongue like those Listerine breath strips that became popular in the early 2000s, are the latest addition to my weed bug-out bag. Flavors come in sour lemon and cool mint, allowing sweet, discreet ingestion if you're stuck on the bus or a round of golf is moving slower than usual. Pro tip: If you wedge the strips in between your cheek and gums on the upper or lower jawline, the THC will be absorbed sublingually and kick in much faster than with swallowing.

Coda Signature Caramel & Corn Bar

The future of movie theaters is looking pretty bleak right now, which is even more disheartening for those of us without air conditioning. But Hollywood has pivoted toward home experiences during the pandemic, and Coda Signature's Caramel & Corn candy bar, a caramelized white chocolate bar with sea salt, popcorn and THC, is the perfect way to enjoy the show without a popcorn machine or snack bar at your disposal. Any stoned movie lover who doesn't like the salty-sweet-crunchy combo isn't a stoner worth snacking with, and Coda's CO2 extraction methods ensure that no hashy aftertaste will muck up the flavor. Throw on your favorite rewatchable (mine's Jurassic Park) and melt into the couch, because there's a good chance you won't last the whole flick.

Legal Beverages
Everyone needs to cool down during the summertime, and that's usually when my sweet tooth kicks in, too. Although proudly proclaiming the absence of high-fructose syrups in any of its five flavors, Legal doesn't skimp on the sugar (the espresso mocha is the lowest at 14 grams, but the fruit flavors range from 30 to 59 grams), and that's just what I'm looking for when it's time to spoil myself on a hot day. Cranberry, pomegranate and Rainier cherry are more grown up than the Orange Lavabursts and Ecto Coolers of our past, but they still make great ice pops when frozen. My favorite of the bunch is the CBD cranberry, to which I may or may not add vodka when it's time for another scheduled Zoom call. (I've also mixed it with the Phyx lime for a less-sugary cranberry-lime cannabis cocktail).

Wonder Stix
There's no shame in enjoying a treat that is basically straight sugar, and when I was growing up, nothing proved that like Pixy Stix. The colored powdered candy would scrape your tongue raw after you dumped the whole tube in your mouth, but that never stopped you from doing the same thing with your next one. Wonder Stix, the similarly named edibles line of candy powder infused with THC, takes me back to those trips to the gas station for candy before the movies — and makes Jackie Chan movies just as entertaining now as they were when I was nine.

Dialed In Rosin Gummies
Some people miss the earthy, piney taste of weed in their edibles from the medical-only days years ago, back when tasting plant matter was a common occurrence. With rosin-infused gummies, you can still get the terpenes on your tastebuds, but without compromising on contaminants. Although more expensive than most 100-milligram edibles at around $30 a pop, Dialed In's gummies are made with solvent-free rosin (most edibles are made with distillate or solvent-based extracts like butane, CO2 and ethanol) pressed from single strains, so that grape gummy has a little cannabis kick on the back end.
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