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Ten Cannabis Stocking Stuffers Every Stoner Will Love

Ten Cannabis Stocking Stuffers Every Stoner Will LoveEXPAND
Tyler Grimes
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It's becoming easier than ever to find stocking stuffers that the tokers in your life will love all year ’round. Whether they need to upgrade from the plastic dispensary containers to transport their weed, create a bong on the go or simply enjoy a classic ornament, they'll appreciate finding some of these in their stockings come Christmas morning.

1. Jane West's The Weekender

Every smoker needs containers to hold weed; this is a given. With Jane West's Weekender, you've got storage on the go. It has five compartments for your varying strains, a custom taster, and room for a mini lighter. Smaller than your phone, it's the perfect size to throw in a bag and take with you for a weekend away. Read our story on West's newest line of bongs.

2. Stoner's Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage, so why not pick up this one for your favorite stoner? Created by Jared Hoffman, the book has drawings created by artists from all over the world, and every page is weed-themed. Last summer, we talked with Jared and learned more about how coloring can enhance your high.

3. Grav Labs' Sherlock Pipe

This little beauty is perfect to slip in your pocket to smoke on the go. Crafted out of sturdy glass, Grav's Sherlock Pipe comes in two sizes — four or six inches — and a variety of colors. For twenty bucks, how can you go wrong?

4. The Traveling Puff

Experience cool bong hits anywhere you go with the Traveling Puff. It's compact and lightweight, and turns any water bottle into a pipe.

5. Gold Rolling Paper

It's $20 for a pack of two — but that's cheap when you're literally smoking gold. These rolling papers are 24K edible gold, made with a hemp-blend base for a smooth burn. Pick up a few for the New Year's Eve party you're planning to hit up!

Keep reading for more stocking stuffers.

6. Lolli Pipes

Yes, you heard that correctly. You can buy lollipops shaped like pipes that you can actually smoke out of — and they're edible. Sure, you'll only get a few uses out of the Lolli Pipe, but the concept is mind-blowing and definitely worth trying out this holiday season.

7. Toker's Ornament

The tree is definitely not the only thing getting lit this Christmas. Why not have an ornament to prove it? For your friend who needs some holiday cheer, this ornament will definitely do the trick.

8. Pot Leaf Ice Cube Tray

Everyone has those friends who are super-proud of their party paraphernalia. What better gift to get them than a marijuana leaf-shaped ice cube tray?

9. Water Bottle Stash Can

We've seen plenty of soda bottle stash cans. The coolest part about this one? You can actually put water in the top and bottom compartments and stash your weed in the middle behind the label. They're made from real water bottles, so no one will be the wiser.

10. Doob Tubes

This one's just plain practical. How many times has your favorite stoner showed up with crushed blunts? No more. A pack of Doob Tubes gets you ten tubes for $10. Can't go wrong with that!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.