Ten Strains to Help You Grub the F*ck Out on Thanksgiving

Smoking pot: Because it's hard to be thankful for lukewarm yams without it.
Smoking pot: Because it's hard to be thankful for lukewarm yams without it. Gonzalez
We've updated our list of appetite-inducing strains for Thanksgiving 2018.

Thanksgiving rituals have changed a little around my house over the past five years. I'm no longer barred from drinking the Irish coffee in the morning, we don't wait for Santa at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Grandma Joyce isn't with us (R.I.P.). Another significant change? I don't have to sneak pipe hits in the garage anymore.

Now that I'm getting paid for some of those pipe hits and Americans increasingly support legalizing marijuana, my parents haven't been as uptight when I smoke pot before the big meal. Although I still have to go to the garage to do it, at least I don't have to pretend to be "looking for something." But one thing hasn't changed: It's important to get just the right amount of high before enjoying an epic feast with loved ones, especially if the in-laws are involved.

Some indicas start out fun but turn users into quiet, mumbling wrecks within twenty minutes, while certain sativas can make you paranoid or irritable with others. Here are ten strains I've reviewed over the past year that provide a good mixture of appetite and relaxation without the instant comedown.

Remember to consume responsibly: You don't want to sound like Ozzy Osbourne when asking someone to pass the stuffing.

click to enlarge Booger. - HERBERT FUEGO
Herbert Fuego
Booger starts out by sharpening creativity and inducing cerebral euphoria while simultaneously reducing stress, both mental and physical. The therapeutic properties have made it one of my favorite post-workout and after-work strains, as has its tendency to kickstart my appetite. The even-keeled high is easy enough to handle without tiring me too quickly, but it can be a little hazy for low tolerances.

click to enlarge Amnesia Haze. - HERBERT FUEGO
Amnesia Haze.
Herbert Fuego
Amnesia Haze
Amnesia Haze’s bark might be worse than its bite. While it can cause users to become dim if they overdo it, the fresh sativa makes me alert and productive after two or three bowls — and that doesn’t wane. The strain is popular among patients suffering from mental and physical fatigue as well as anxiety and eating disorders.

click to enlarge Qrazy Train. - HERBERT FUEGO
Qrazy Train.
Herbert Fuego
Qrazy Train
Although Qrazy Train leans sativa, there are phenotypes that can be closer to a fifty-fifty hybrid. Most cuts provide euphoric, invigorating effects safe from paranoia and drowsiness — but one puff too many can make things loopy. Cloudy heads and lack of focus are common if you overdo it. Medical benefits include treatment for stress as well as lack of appetite, nausea, minor pain and headaches.

click to enlarge WiFi OG. - HERBERT FUEGO
WiFi OG.
Herbert Fuego
Even with the OG in its name and THC percentages reaching the low 20s, WiFi is one of my favorite daytime strains. It rarely causes drowsiness unless I smoke too much, and it’s great at leveling off caffeine and anxiety while inducing my appetite in the afternoon. Medical patients suffering from stress- and depression-related disorders, as well as chronic pain, nausea and exhaustion, can benefit from WiFi, thanks to its high potency and function-able buzz.

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