Ten Strains We're Grateful for This Thanksgiving

While Mom is in the kitchen obsessing over her cranberry sauce and Grandpa is watching football on the couch, we'll be upstairs taking a quick hit from one of our favorite strains. Whether you're in the mood for the sour flavor of Super Lemon Haze or stanky smell of Girl Scout Cookies, head to your local dispensary and pick up something to help ease you through the family obligations this holiday season.

While you're at it, be sure to check out Herbert Fuego's advice on how to stay high on the sly while you're at family dinner.

1. Super Lemon Haze

As the smell implies, smoking Super Lemon Haze is like inhaling a handful of Lemonheads. The delicious sour flavor is complemented by a subtle but spicy and earthy back end, making it a great appetizer before dinner.

Quick and effective, Super Lemon Haze brings an instantly uplifting high that can last for hours. Smoke it with caution your first time, though, because some users report a lack of focus or heightened paranoia. Still, the majority enjoy a euphoric buzz and an easy state of mind, good for harmless laughs or a mindless walk around the neighborhood.

2. L.A. Confidential

Similar to its Afghani relative, the flavor is sweet and dirty, with earthy flavors of pine rounded out by a citrus tang.

L.A. Confidential’s effects are pretty universal, so don’t expect much variation from the typical indica effects. Relaxation and couch lock come in fast, but its powerful psychedelic buzz goes great with funky music or a colorful movie. Medical patients looking for stronger pain relief without smoking hash or suffering from lack of sleep should consider giving it a try.

3. Chernobyl

Just as its smell and terpene profile suggest, smoking Chernobyl brings bright, tart flavors of lemon and lime that can be so strong, you might miss subtle woody and zesty undertones on the back end.

Good for minor mental disorders, depression and stress, Chernobyl provides a calming but powerful head high that also helps with stomach issues. For recreational purposes, Chernobyl is fine for relaxation without exhaustion, as users can still have energy — albeit somewhat unfocused — despite the overwhelming euphoria.

4. Jet Fuel

Taste: Similar to its smell, but slightly reversed. Most cuts of Jet Fuel bring the earthy flavors up front; those are followed by the tart, rubbery taste most us expect after smelling the strain.

Effects: Uplifting and focused. Thanks to its Sour Diesel heritage, Jet Fuel is a great daytime or pre-activity strain. However, because of its Aspen OG genetics, the high is a little calmer, bringing about a balancing relaxation that keeps your heart steady. The strain is largely used by medical patients for stress, exhaustion and anxiety.

5. Mobb Boss

The strain’s gassy Chemdawg heritage is hard to miss, but it’s balanced out by a fresh pine-tree scent on the back end. It’s sort of like a cheap air freshener that you hang in your car — and roll into joints.

Much like its double-sided smell, Mobb Boss starts out with a skunky, diesel flavor that’s followed by a floral, tree-like one.

Staying true to its hybrid form, Mobb Boss generally starts off with a buzzing, euphoric sensation that’s great for appetite, tension and stress — but not necessarily focus, because of how strong it can be. The second half of the high usually brings on strong relaxation, so be ready for the comedown.

Keep reading for five more strains.

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