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Reader: About Time Denver Approved a Public Consumption Spot!

Tetra Lounge
Tetra Lounge, at 3039 Walnut Street, has operated as a members-only marijuana smoking club since 2018, but owner Dewayne Benjamin has been chasing a permit to operate publicly since pot hospitality licenses were created.

Already approved for pot hospitality by the state, on March 21 Tetra became the first applicant to be awarded a license from the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses, which will allow for indoor smoking and marijuana consumption by people 21 and older.

Benjamin is hoping to have his social lounge business long before 4/20, and judging from their comments on the Westword Facebook page, people can't wait. Says Bill: 
About time Denver approved a public consumption spot! When we voted for Amendment 64, we thought this would happen right away.
Adds James:
Fuck, I wish I could smoke again.
Offers Anwar: 
Too bad it's in RiNo.
Responds Christine: 
Open your own in, let's say, in Northglenn...(good luck with that!)
Replies Luke: 
“Gentrified hellscape” is my favorite term used to describe RiNo.
Suggests Andrew:
Most of the clientele gonna be white dudes in TJ Maxx polo shirts with cursive jailhouse tattoos scrawled across their forearms. I guarantee it.
Asks Chad:
Will they serve Twinkies and Chocodiles and have pillows to take a nap? No Saltine crackers!!
Wonders Justin:
They gonna do live music? Cause I’d rather smoke than drink at a show.
Offers Scott:
F weed.. and all you that came here for it... you SUCK.
And Katie concludes:
If anyone that’s commenting on this actually knew anything about the marijuana industry, then you would recognize that it looks a lot like budtender appreciation night. They had mouthpiece covers that would go on all the rigs to ensure the safety of those smoking. You were also allowed to bring in your own marijuana as well. I’m sure they’ll charge a cover fee like any club. If people can go get black-out drunk at any bar, then what’s wrong with smoking instead of drinking?! Budtender nights were way better than any bar I’ve ever been to! The crowd was just a bunch of peaceful stoners not doing anything to harm anyone. If you don’t like it, then move out of state.
Have you visited Tetra as a private club? Will you be back when it opens as a social lounge? And why has the city taken so long to approve a public-consumption spot? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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