Ask a Stoner: I Took THC Corn Muffins to a Chili Cook-Off. It Didn't End Well.

Dear Stoner: I took THC corn muffins to an adults-only chili cook-off, which the host allowed as long as I warned everyone. Well, this guy ate three muffins and claimed he didn't see the massive sign saying "THESE HAVE WEED IN THEM!" taped to the container lid. He and his wife hate me now, but I feel like it was his fault. Who's the asshole here?

Dear Jayden: Did you make sure the lid was always in sight during the party? Did you make an announcement about the corn muffins to everyone beforehand? That may sound like overkill, but those are the steps you need to take in order to cover yourself in these situations.
This guy sounds like the asshole who bit off more weed than he could chew and then blamed it on you when his wife asked why his eyes were caked — but you'll still be viewed as the responsible party unless you have proof or witnesses supporting you.

If he really wanted to be an asshole here or failed a drug test at work, he could sue you. Remember in 2014, when LivWell representatives gave Denver County Fair attendees weed-infused chocolate bars despite saying the chocolate wasn't dosed? The dispensary chain eventually had to settle a class-action lawsuit out of court, and the county fair's brand-new Pot Pavilion never returned. Keep open-tray edibles confined to small gatherings, and you won't have to worry about these situations.

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