Twenty Strains for a Fun Day Inside

Cashmere Herbert Fuego
Being stuck at home or staying in for the weekend has ups and downs. Not wearing pants for days is a definite plus. Lack of human interaction might seem like a perk, too, but that gets old quickly.

Cannabis is a popular choice to help pass time, but not every strain is suited for a day at the crib. Sometimes you want a creative high for projects, calming effects for decompressing or focused energy for chores around the house. Side effects you don't need? Overthinking, unconfined energy or overwhelming munchies.

Here are twenty strains that carried a mix of effects fitting for time spent inside, according to our strain reviewer, with limited anxiety and pigging out.

Although widely used as a physically relaxing strain, Cashmere also keeps me cooler than a polar bear’s toenails in the face of potential anxiety and stress. I wouldn’t recommend the relaxing high for a wake-and-bake, but high tolerances could handle it in the afternoon, especially if the day has been tense. Keep some around like a comfortable emergency blanket, and you’ll be glad you did after getting a traffic ticket or surviving a rough first date.

Purple Punch
Purple Punch provides a nice, easy descent into heavy relaxation and sleepy bliss, but don’t let the early effects trick you into going out long. It almost always brings users down in the end, causing loose limbs and excessive yawning. The strain has been used for minor pain, eating and sleeping disorders, stress and headaches.

Snowball’s relaxing effects and ability to jump-start an appetite make it a good candidate for pain relief, but I prefer to take advantage of the mounting high on stressful days. A bowl or half-joint quickly calms me enough to forget commuter stress or roommate issues without zapping my energy, but that eventually turns into stupid bliss and couch lock within the hour.

Space Monkey
Space Monkey is labeled a nighttime or relaxing strain by most shops, but it’s always seemed pretty tame to me. The strain’s initial uplift of creativity and energy tapers off within an hour, and the munchies and comedown are very light — almost non-existent. The easygoing effects make it a great candidate for daytime and low-tolerance users.

Lilac Diesel
Lilac Diesel can serve more than one purpose, as long as you know what you’re getting into. I got a short burst of energy — no more than twenty or thirty minutes — followed by groggy, unfocused giggles and intense munchies. Hardly what I expected from a Diesel, but it turned into a good strain for neck pain, an upset stomach and winding down before bed.

click to enlarge Sunset Sherbet - HERBERT FUEGO
Sunset Sherbet
Herbert Fuego
Lucky Charms
Although lacking taste, this five-tool player with the appealing name creates a relaxing, efficient high perfect for winding down without becoming too giggly or immediately useless. Food will add to that sedation, though, and that gets difficult when Lucky Charms hits you with a third wave of munchies (which will happen no matter how boring your diet is). Get your shit done before enjoying a bowl, because whether it comes in thirty minutes or two hours, the cliff dive is inevitable.

Sunset Sherbet
The overflow of Cookies genetics in legal markets has given us plenty of unworthy derivatives, but Sunset Sherbet’s sustained run has only increased. It scores high in looks, smell and taste (all of which contribute to its name), while its OG Kush, Cherry Pie and Durban Poison grandparents and Pink Panties lineage combine for a stiff body high and gentle mind effects that don’t overpower users.

Mandarin Cookies
The citrus-heavy flavor — usually associated with uplifting strains — can be deceiving the first time, but don’t let it fool you twice. Mandarin Cookies is sedating, best reserved for after work or nighttime, not as a pick-me-up. The calming effects are perfect for following a workout or staying in, and the strain has been used to treat anxiety, eating and sleeping disorders, pain and stress.

Sour OG
Sour OG can showcase both of its parents’ best qualities. Intense, sour whiffs of Diesel’s rubbery funk are mellowed out only by dank, earthy notes of Kush. The strain’s high follows a similar pattern for me, pushing my spirits up with focused, creative enthusiasm as I’m YouTube-ing Tex Avery cartoons, only to lull me back into the dirt within a couple of hours. The intense highs and lows of Sour OG definitely qualify it as a hybrid, but it’s not as even-keeled as Flo or Hercules, so stay away from this strain until at least the afternoon if you have any daytime responsibilities.

Cherry Hills
The light-THC potency of Cherry Hills makes the strain both limited and versatile. Limited but still enjoyable by itself, and versatile as a mixer with more powerful varieties. On its own, it eases my tension and anxiety while providing a small spark in energy; when smoked with or after a high-THC strain or dab, it’ll make your day too the point of lethargy.
click to enlarge Granola Funk - HERBERT FUEGO
Granola Funk
Herbert Fuego
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster has a reputation for relaxing users, and it’s known for snowballing effects that chip away at stress and pain before you crumble into bed. The intensifying high is somewhat rare for potent strains, mounting fifteen to twenty minutes after smoking and sending cocky stoners to sleep early. Anyone smoking this strain as quickly as its Sesame Street namesake mows down cookies can’t blame Mr. Snuffleupagus for a lost day, because lack of productivity is a common (and often sought-after) aspect of the high.

Like most Cookies strains, Do-Si-Dos has a high potency that can be debilitating to the overzealous or uninitiated, so toke wisely. If you’re prepared for relaxation, however, this is one smooth, comfortable ride. The potent sedative has that face-melting quality we’ve grown to love with Cookies strains, but its calming effect on the body and lack of anxious side effects makes for a tasty stress reliever.

Granola Funk
Although it might be labeled a hybrid, I treat Granola Funk as a nighttime strain because of its calming effects on the mind and next-level THC potency. This calming, delicious strain has been used to treat anxiety, stress, eating disorders, insomnia and minor pain.

SFV OG provides a flexible daytime-leaning high, making it appropriate for all hours of the day. Although it can be a little heavy on the eyes, it typically increases creativity, with little loss of focus. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for energy and enthusiasm without anxiety or jitters.

Panama Punch
Some users report an initial energy burst after smoking Panama Punch, but a strong dose of lethargy can take over within an hour. The high is extremely blissful, however, devoid of paranoia and great at dissolving inhibitions

click to enlarge UK Cheese - HERBERT FUEGO
UK Cheese
Herbert Fuego

Tahoe Alien
In some cases, Tahoe Alien can even attain decent CBD levels, making some commercial growers wonder if the strain was sent from above. Used primarily in the afternoon and evening, Tahoe Alien is known as a pain and stress reliever in the cannabis community. I like to smoke mine after a long day or angst-filled Sunday before work starts again, as it helps calm my nerves and eases any anxious-stomach issues. I’ve also enjoyed Tahoe Alien before a provoking movie or other visually oriented entertainment. Just don’t go overboard, or that relief can turn into paranoia.

UK Cheese
Easy to handle for high tolerances and occasional users alike, UK Cheese produces a high that’s best suited for daytime but carries a comedown that will still help you fall asleep. The mental stimulation provides a boost in creativity despite a somewhat cloudy mindset, making focusing on more than than one task difficult. The strain’s medical benefits include treating anxiety, mental anguish, eating disorders, fatigue and minor pain.

Bear Dance
A cross of Snowcap and Suge Pure Kush by Colorado breeder 303 Seeds, Bear Dance is usually considered a daytime strain or even a near-hybrid by dispensaries, but it’s almost always a sedative high for me. The strain’s fruity, cheesy notes are made for an after-dinner smoke, and the effects are sufficiently calming and euphoric to relax a tired, full body.

Super Sour Lemon
As the invigorating smell suggests, Super Sour Lemon is a prime strain for active lifestyles, and those uplifting qualities aren’t compromised by heightened anxiety or chronic dry mouth, unlike with Super Lemon Haze. The strain’s flavor is also friendlier to beginners than Lemon Skunk, and more reminiscent of fruit and candy than rubber and gasoline.

Super Sliver Haze
Super Silver Haze’s flavor may stack up with other old Haze strains, but the high is still relatively calm, despite its reputation. Although it causes time to move a little slower than your brain and makes you prone to cottonmouth, the strain is still very reliable in the daytime and for creative projects. Medical benefits have included treating exhaustion, stress, eating disorders and excessive apathy.
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