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Reader: Leave Potheads Alone, Go After Drunk Vacationers!

Reader: Leave Potheads Alone, Go After Drunk Vacationers!
Vail Police Department

The Vail Police Department just launched “Vail Let’s Be Blunt,” a campaign to inform residents and visitors alike about Colorado's marijuana laws. According to Vail Police Department Administrative Commander Craig Bettis, the project was designed to educate with entertainment.

“People don’t think of messages coming from law enforcement as positive or using humor,” he says. “They usually expect to hear about crimes or investigations. We’re using humor to break down preconceived notions and do a better job of relating to the community.”

But some readers don't buy it. Says Jerry:
How about you leave potheads alone and go after the drunk douche vacationers.
Adds James: 
Elite athletes use cannabis. They don't take shots before the big game. How could a resort ski town like Vail be so out of touch with literally the entire world of professional and elite sports medicine?
Asks Daniel: 
What are the problems, Vail? Can we see some statistical data, or just... “we don’t like it!” Aspen has dispensaries.
Notes Ian: 
Have as many tequila shots as you want on-mountain, though.
Responds Alan: 
Ski areas make a lot of money serving a lot of alcohol.
Concludes Robbie: 
But it's all okay for someone to get smashed on alcohol and hit the slopes? Hypocritical at best!
Vail does not allow the sale of recreational marijuana, although towns just outside of the resort do.

According to Bettis, the campaign is not about advocating or discouraging marijuana use, but giving people the right information. To do so, it's employing slogans such as “A vacation should not include probation” and “The only thing ‘Baked’ on top of the mountain are the cookies in the restaurant.”
Vail Police Department

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