Reader: Cannabis Use Is Perfect for Working Out

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The City of Wheat Ridge recently suspended the business license of Break the Stigma Fitness, a marijuana-friendly gym operated by Jennessa Lea, better known as Fit Cannabis Girl. And even though she wanted to fight, the landlord of her business at 9690 West 38th Avenue ordered her to leave by Monday, June 4.

"It's truly heartbreaking that things have gotten to this point," says Lea, who moved to Colorado from Minnesota nineteen months ago. "And three weeks after I got here, I was in a car accident and my car was totaled," she explains. "I took all the money I had, and instead of buying a car, I invested in building this space, because I know there are so many people who need hope and who need to learn how to partake in cannabis therapy exercise. I just want to help people achieve a better quality of life."

Readers are plenty exercised over the situation. Responds Tyler:

 Unfortunately, she is in the wrong. Don’t get me wrong: I need this to reopen. I need a gym in my life. However, consumption licenses have become a thing. Having to restrict access, have proper filters, follow the Clean Air Act. These have all become hurdles within the last nineteen months. You should have done the full research, honey.

Adds Stephen: 

While I’m a major advocate for legalization, I think this business idea is bad. Cannabis doesn’t mix with everything, and trying to skirt the law about cannabis clubs just makes it more difficult for those that want to legally open a cannabis club or cafe. To me, this falls in line with the Cannabis church.

But Leon replies:

 Wheat Ridge is simply pushing Prohibition. Cannabis use is perfect for working out. Ask the millions of people who use during exercise.

And Amber concludes: 

Sad to say, once I saw all the press about her and her gym, I had feeling this would happen. It is sad that she even has to deal with this when she is trying to help people through cannabis and yoga. But no, they got to mess with the most peaceful people ever. I used to have a lot of athletes come through my dispensary that used cannabis instead of pharmaceutical drugs. It truly helps the body and the mind. Leave this woman alone and let her do her good work

Wheat Ridge held a hearing last month on the shutdown edict, but for Lea, the verdict was already in. "The house I built the gym in was supposed to be rent-to-own, and because my license was suspended, I don't have the ability to make my rent payments," she notes. "So now I'm forced to leave on June 4."

After that, Lea plans to head back to Minnesota for a few days. Then she'll hit the road — possible locations include Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington — for a tour during which she'll talk about her personal cannabis-fitness journey.

What do you think of Lea's situation? Using cannabis during exercise? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.